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Gayle Kildebeck , L.Ac.,

Gayle Kildebeck, L.Ac. is the owner and founder of North Park Acupuncture.

Gayle has been studying and practicing Alternative Health Techniques for over 45 years. She has spent her life dealing with the consequences of an autoimmune illness, (Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune Thyroid condition) that effects every aspect of her health. As Western medicine offers little understanding much less relief for this condition, she searched for solutions in ancient medical systems – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Native American Shamanism, Ancient Mayan, Native Hawaiian Lāʻau lapaʻau and now circling back to Western Functional Medicine – including Functional Neurology. She realized that these techniques made great improvements to her health that it was important to share this with others. So, she left the corporate world and went back to school to formally study massage, Tai Qi, physical medicine and then Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and herbalism.

All these experiences in her own health journey have led to a deep understanding of the foundations of health and longevity. The majority of illness is based on our Western lifestyle where we are separated from the natural world. From the stress of work, family life balance. She draws on this wealth of life experiences and diverse healing modalities to get to the root cause of your illness pattern. Most patients are seeking relief from pain, all kinds of pain. Gayle can easily help you with this. Finding pain relief is just the beginning of your journey to greater health.

What is different about Gayle’s treatments?

Acupuncture is an energetic healing art. The art reflects the presence of the Artist. By continually developing my own health and well-being I am better able to guide my patients to their next step in wholeness.

Starla Rae, L.Ac.,

Starla has been practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine for over 20 years.

She has given more than 10,000 treatments to treat conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to facial rejuvenation, herniated discs to torn hamstrings.

Her treatments often include energy work and Tui Na (massage) as well as individualized nutritional and exercise recommendations.

In her previous life, she was often sick while working as a manager at Costco, getting a BA from UCSD, and raising three children. She then discovered the healing powers of Eastern Medicine and have enjoyed over two decades of good health!

“Acupuncture is an energetic healing art. The art is a reflection of the beingness of the Artist. By continually developing my own health and well-being I am better able to guide my patients to their next step in wholeness.”Gayle Kildebeck, L.Ac.,


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Angelina Keselburg

Office Manager

Angelina has been a valuable asset to our clinic since March of 2020. She is available to help you schedule your appointments and answer any of your health insurance questions.