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Neck and Shoulder Pain

“I have been coming to Gayle for about 2-3 years now for neck problems and allergy symptoms. She has been a wonderful health practitioner! About 2 weeks ago, I had a bike accident and strained my rotator cuff, bicep and tricep muscles and tendons. It was painful to dress, sleep, and do anything at all. Since my treatment yesterday, I’ve had incredible range of motion! Getting dressed and undressed is relatively painless compared to the last two weeks! I even slept on that side of my shoulder last night — and had my first good sleep since two weeks ago! I was hoping for SOME relief — I actually went from about a “9” on the pain scale to a “4” or “5” after one treatment. I can’t thank you enough.

Looking forward to more healing on this arm.”

~ Debbie T

Skin Care

“Initially I came to Gayle for a full body rash that could not be figured out by my MD or by a dermatologist…Gayle had the rash figured out the source of the problem gone after two weeks treatment…it was a huge relief both physically and mentally.

Her knowledge and technique far exceeded my expectations.

Since then I come to Gayle for all kinds of ailments including headaches, indigestion, and the common cold.

I have also strongly recommended her services to many of my close friends and they have had amazing success as well.

She is nothing less than amazing…if you are considering treatment, Gayle is definitely your provider, I have no doubt she help you feel at ease.”

~ Kolleen P


Freedom from Excruciating Pain

Before starting with Gayle I was in excruciation pain from my sciatic nerve. I had no relief from conventional medicine.

After being evaluated and cared for by Gayle my pain level dropped from a high 8 to 0. Wonderful isn’t it? If you’re in doubt about how acupuncture works Gayle can clearly answer all your questions.

During my treatments she has been able to help me with many other ailments other than just pain. She uses acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and nutritional supplements, I find myself feeling very active and well for an 84 year old lady.

My day starts and ends with a prayer of gratitude for Dr Gayle and her staff for always being there for me with knowledge and attention.

Please don’t wait and suffer needlessly, for optimal health the best acupuncturist is right at your fingertip at 619-294-6616.

If you are still in doubt after reading this testimonial and want to talk with me, get my phone # from Gayle or Tina

~ Doris G


“Gayle helped me with Bell’s Palsy in my third trimester. My OB said there was nothing they could do. But with acupuncture, I was able to regain the use of my facial muscles.”

~ Kris H

“I had carpal tunnel during pregnancy and acupuncture really took away the pain and swelling.”

~ Zeinabu D


“I started going to Gayle over a year ago for insomnia. Within weeks, my sleep improved greatly but I have continued to go once a month for stress reduction (and any other ailment that has come up!) I so look forward to my visits.

Gayle is a lovely person and I always leave feeling amazing.”

~ Rhonda B

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